Whom and where can you consult ?


As soon as the first EMF and / or chemical intolerance symptoms have appeared you should consult a physician specialized in environmental medicine; so a diagnosis can be objectively established and the treatment be carried out as early as possible. This in addition to precautionary and primary preventive measures for avoiding electromagnetic and chemical sources. Unfortunately, there are very few specialized consultations worldwide ; in fact Pr Belpomme's team is pioneering aid in this field. Indeed, facing the growing demand for medical support by people bearing EHS and/ or MCS and/ or any other new environment-related clinical disorders, Prof. Belpomme and his research team have developed in Paris several consultations of environmental medicine which are still unfamiliar to the majority of medical practitioners. This new type of science-based medicine employs biomarkers of exposure and of effect, imaging investigations for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The scientific approach of environmental medicine means treating not only the clinical effects but the causes of detected environment-related diseases and syndromes, using the best available current knowledge. Doing so in fact requires strict accordance with the Hippocratic principle, first and foremost to listen to the patients, to examine and describe and analyze their symptoms, and to make biological and imaging tests before prescribing any treatment. Consultations started initially in September 2009 at the Paris University Georges Pompidou European Hospital. They are now held at the following address:

Medical Office - 72 avenue du Général Leclerc - 75014 PARIS

Consultations on Monday and Thursday

Secretariat Phone number: +33 1 81 80 22 86

    1. Appointment setting

    Please note that medical advice cannot be given by telephone call before having physically examined the patients.

    Initial consultation.

    Please note that the necessary biochemistry and imaging tests are highly specialized. Unfortunately under current conditions, they can only be performed in a unique highly specialized laboratory in Paris. Note that some tests are also research tests. Hence if you decide to come to Paris you will need to organize a 2-day stay.

    If you come far for a first consultation, this has to be indicated when making your appointment. You will be accomodated with an appointment with Pr Belpomme in the morning or in the early afternoon, leaving time for the prescribed tests in the afternoon.

    The blood tests are fasting tests, with no smoking and no alcohol consumption the days before.


      2. Information to be systematically provided

      You must provide the following information at initial consultation:

      1-Name, address and contact (phone number, email, etc.) of your regular physician,

      2- Copies of reports from your previously consulted doctors and arrange for copies of hospitalization reports.

      3- A summary of your clinical symptoms and the date of their appearance, since your suffering began,

      4- All your biochemistry and imaging tests (Scanner, IRM, radio, scintigraphy, etc.), arranged in chronologic order,

      5- Your most recent dental panoramic radiograph,

      6- The date of any removal of metal dental alloy.

        3. Appointment cancellation

        Owing to the  increasing number of patients attending the Pr Belpomme’s consultation and its duration (one hour for the initial consultation and 30 minutes for the following ones), if you are unable to come for your appointment, you must cancel it early enough.

        Any patient having an appointment and who will not attend his consultation without prior notification will not be given any new appointment, except in the case of exceptional circumstances.

          4. Non-wifi accomodation

          If you must spend one night or more in Paris, you will have to find a non-Wifi hotel. One but certainly not the only one is the Solar Hotel, 22 Rue Boulard, 75014 Paris (near Daguerre street). Tel : 00 33 (0) 1 43 21 08 20.

            5. Medical monitoring

            Results of the biochemistry tests are usually obtained 6 weeks after blood sampling.

            Result of cerebral echodoppler is directly provided to the patient at investigation time. Echodoppler uses ultrasound and no electromagnetic waves, so it is very well tolerated by EHS patients.

            Note that the tests cannot be performed without medical prescription and therefore without prior consultation.

            Usually, patients who came for a first consultation need to be seen again in a further  consultation  about six weeks later for the following purposes :

            (1)   Prescribing treatment according to the results obtained from cerebral ultrasound echodoppler and biochemistry tests ;

            (2)   Ensuring that all precautionary measures are taken;

            (3)   Delivery of a medical certificate ;

            (4)   If possible, help in  solving social problems.

            Subsequently patients should be seen again every six months on average except in cases of emergency, intolerance or inefficient treatement.

              6. Medical certificate

                6. Medical certificate

                No medical certificate can be issued without prior clinical examination and availability of the results of the additional tests. No exceptions.

                  7. Follow up and treatment monitoring

                  No other medicines can be added (food supplements etc.) by a patient to the prescribed treatment, in order to clearly assess the later’s effects on clinical symptoms, brain echodoppler and biological tests. Moreover treatment should be taken for a sufficiently long term, because if it is interrupted too early, patients likely will relapse. Except for some drugs, treatment should be thus continued for several years, minimum of one year. The proposed drugs are generally well tolerated. In case of intolerance, patients should consult their regular doctor or contact ARTAC by e-mail to get  medical advice and/ or eventually decide to make a new appointment. Finally, we emphasize that  EHS- MCS treatment which is not accompanied by protective measures is likely to be ineffective.

                    8. Enquiries

                    If you need further information, you can contact the ARTAC by sending a letter or an e-mail:

                    57-59, rue de la Convention, 75015 Paris, France


                    Because of the number of messages received each day by the ARTAC, you will unfortunately often have a delayed reponse. Please make your enquiry as brief as possible. Please call the ARTAC only in case of extreme emergency – tel : 00 33 (0) and only on Tuesday afternoons.

                      9. Social procedures

                      Upon the delivery of a medical certificate, it is recommended to apply for social disability recognition. You may contact your occupational health doctor for adapting your workplace to redue or preferably elimate harmful practices.

                        10. Rapports médicaux

                          10. Medical reports

                          In case of legal action, Pr Belpomme is often requested to write medical reports as an expert. These are time consuming. ARTAC can only provide a limited number of reports. Usually it is preferable that these expertise reports be requested by the committed lawyer. The fees for report writing are paid to the ARTAC in the form of a donation.

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